Bowman & Company Real Estate

The brief

To develop and implement a digital marketing strategy for Bowman & Co. that helps sell more houses and gets more listings.

We needed to concentrate on clear and consistent messages to attract interest and inspire action in a cluttered market.

To create a cohesive experience that reflected the brand and company, across all effective channels and touchpoints. 

The campaign focused on the Mornington Peninsula market.

Positioning was around the concept of “home” which reflected the needs of customers: somewhere for the kids, beach, lifestyles empty nesters could explore.

The Blog

Bowman & Company blog home page

I conducted interviews with Robert Bowman to identify topics for the blog and develop his tone of voice. I draft ideas in advance based on current industry news for his input, write it up as an article, include statistics for context, select images and format the piece for publishing on the blog when approved. I also propose a series of future topics based on the property market and draft market update posts. Requires research into property sales and rental yields. Self-taught using custom WordPress site. It’s fun, and I’ve learnt a lot of useful facts about cranes and building codes.

Blog posts

Social media

Infographics & artwork