Common sense ways to get your property ready for sale

Make your property more appealing, without a huge investment

Good looks

If you don’t own an architect’s masterpiece, a little styling can help market your property. It doesn’t need to be a display home; it does need to look the best it can.

Property searches begin online, and we want to make your home as photogenic as possible. It should be immaculate. Anywhere a curious buyer may look – including behind the TV, inside the pantry and bathroom cabinets – should be spotless.

De-personalise and make it as neutral as possible. Personal items and your kid’s artwork on the fridge make it feel like home to you. Buyers need to feel they can make it their home.

We recommend this to-do list before opening for inspection:

  1. Home and garden maintenance – including weeding and rubbish removal
  2. DIY projects – repair any visible damage, replacing broken windows etc
  3. Styling – declutter, reposition or rent modern furniture and accessories
  4. Professional cleaning – dust-free surfaces, including inside cupboards and behind appliances.

Getting an outside opinion can bring a fresh perspective if you have lived in your home for many years. There’s no doubt that buyers are more discerning. People are willing to hold out for their dream property rather than investing in a renovator’s dream.

We’ll show you comparable properties and discuss your target sales price. Before we list your property, this will give you a sense of what your future buyer expects. Sometimes creative thinking and common sense are all you need to maximise interest before it goes on the market.

Robert Bowman is a licensed estate agent, auctioneer and proud Mornington Peninsula local.

Contact him on 0417 173 103 or email for advice on buying and selling, building investment portfolios and new developments.

Written for Bowman & Company Real Estate.