A lifestyle location with a lot of taste

From coast to shore, the Mornington Peninsula has something for everyone

Seeking variety

The Mornington Peninsula has a bit of everything, with distinctive differences. Far enough from suburbia, with beaches, vineyards, farms and marinas plus superb views of the bay and the sea. We have variety in terms of property types as well as a top location.

Wedged between the state capital and a region that is neither urban nor rural, Mornington Peninsula is 100% part of Greater Melbourne, with the characteristics of a peri-urban/semi-rural area.

What’s a peri-urban/semi-rural area?

  • Thirty-four local government areas fit in this category, including Mornington Peninsula (VIC) and Blue Mountains (NSW).
  • Located around the fringe of metropolitan regions, within commuting reach of employment, education and cultural sites.
  • Land use can come from the conversion of former rural lands, with a mixture of urban and agricultural activities.

The Bowman & Company team is full of local experts who can tell you more about the area. We love where we live and know you will too.