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The bulk of my career has been in the advertising industry but working in journalism gave me a quick metabolism for the daily news cycle and an appetite for newsworthy ideas. Accustomed to deadline-driven environments, I can quickly find fresh angles that bring stories – or marketing campaigns – to life.

I’m naturally curious – it helps me to have a deep knowledge of current affairs, culture, and social trends.

I’m passionate about brands and how they operate in context – outside conference rooms and quarterly sales meetings. Always intrigued yet sceptical about shiny new things, I can tell a fad from a trend, an observation from an insight. I am a forensic investigator who enjoys turning information overwhelm into actionable intelligence. I can immerse myself in a complex topic, get to the heart of it, and emerge with simple solutions. I’m quite good at fixing things too.

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She ‘gets’ people, she ‘gets’ the consumer. It’s as if she has this extra-sensory hotline into their minds; an x-ray of their fears, hopes and dreams. Sir Dominick Lynch-Robinson

Sir Dominick Lynch Robinson, Global Creative Director, JWT & Author

The best I’ve met in her field. Instrumental in driving change, a leader in making intelligence and research an experience that nurtures thinking and publishing.

Jeffrey Bowman, CEO Founder & author, REFRAME