Hi, I’m Madonna.

I provide creative and strategic intelligence services to help agencies and brands deliver compelling strategies, distinctive creative work, and effective marketing communications.

Based on a forensic investigation into the world’s most exceptional ideas and insights through my research, I can help you learn from the best so you can be braver. I deliver inspiration and practical insights so you can brief creatives, confidently advise clients about their business, or identify the most relevant themes and tensions to build your strategy around.

My professional and cultural expertise spans three continents. For over 18 years, I have worked for top advertising agencies and media companies delivering news, ideas, and spotting trends before they arrive.

Throughout my advertising career, I have worked on top brands such as Amex, BP, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, British Airways, P&G, Unilever, IBM, Disney, National Australia Bank, and on pitches for many more. As a news researcher, I have covered elections, terrorism, celebrity funerals, and natural disasters.

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The bulk of my career has been in the advertising industry but working in journalism gave me a quick metabolism for the daily news cycle and an appetite for newsworthy ideas.


I’m naturally curious —it helps me to have a deep knowledge of current affairs, culture, and social trends. I am a forensic investigator who turns information overwhelm into actionable intelligence. I can immerse myself in a complex topic, get to the heart of it, and find simple solutions.


I’m passionate about brands and how they operate in context —outside conference rooms and quarterly sales meetings. I collaborate with agency teams on pitches and brainstorms.


I produce corporate blogs, websites, social media campaigns, and presentations. I’m also a copywriter and work on personal branding for senior executives, bios, newsletters, articles, and thought leadership material for industry gurus.

Work History

Consultant, CONTXTURE


I provide creative and strategic support to local businesses, brand consultancies, advertising agencies, and their clients.

Head of Intelligence Group, Ogilvy

2011 – 2015

Built a heavily-used, world-class, strategic support department to support all disciplines of marketing communications including advertising, direct marketing, digital media, shopper marketing, public relations, and healthcare.

News Researcher, New York Times

2008 – 2009

Supported newsroom staff with investigative research and fact checking.

Head of Brand Intelligence, Deutsch

2015 – 2016

Strategic direction for new business and creative development for clients including Pizza Hut, Sprint, Volkswagen, Taco Bell,

Assignment Manager, Fox News Research

2007 – 2011

Primary liaison between producers, newsroom, corporate, and research team. Delivered content that added context to news reporting. Managed 23 news researchers, handling 1,200 requests a week, on a 24/7 schedule.

Head of Information, Leo Burnett Group

2000 – 2007

Provided best practice business intelligence and research leadership across the business. Created proactive services, digital resources to encourage the flow of ideas within the group.