Place Brand Agency

Forrest Chase


The Agency founder set up as a collaborative consultancy using freelance support on projects with no resources of his own.


With zero research from the client, I provided desk research and insights on the retail market in Australia, put into context for the Perth market. Identified case studies, consumer trends, and suggested recommended approaches for shopping mall rebranding and relaunch.


My client (The Place Brand Agency) presented the recommended strategy to the property developer client successfully with full research support to back up his ideas.

Other work included providing brand strategy support and insights for places/locations including Wirra Wirra Winery, and Margaret River, and writing a best-practice place branding report as thought leadership material.

Place Brand – Best Practice Report 2019

Explains how consultants can begin evaluating and demonstrating the effectiveness of Place Brand campaigns on behalf of the Place Brand Agency.

Demonstrating Effectiveness — results matter otherwise, what’s the point?

by Madonna Deverson

By demonstrating success with proof points that have an impact, we aim to guarantee future budgets from politicians, finance departments, board or investors. Ultimately, we need information that proves the branding work, works.