ACRWorld Gender Diversity & Inclusion Survey

Briefed to analyze Survey Monkey data and write a research report for circulation to industry bodies and media on behalf of a recruitment firm specializing in building and construction sectors.



ACRWORLD surveyed current engineering and construction industry workers in Australia about diversity, inclusion, equality, and overall attitudes to gender-related issues in their careers and workplaces.

The Gender Diversity and Inclusion Survey identified top issues of interest for people seeking a successful career in construction. The findings will help employers recruit high-value candidates to the industry.


To gain insight into the most male-dominated workforce in Australia, we focused our research on gender-related, female-specific questions to help companies create more diverse, inclusive, and engaging work environments. We asked men and women working in construction about diversity, inclusion, equality, education, and the benefits, plans, or incentives that could help employers attract and retain skilled candidates in the future. 

This brief report provides data that shows the tide may finally be turning, particularly relating to men’s awareness of gender issues. However, while significant strides have been made, we recognise that these are still traditional workforces with heavily male-dominant cultures and entrenched views.

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