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Multiple Sclerosis Ltd Brand Refresh

The client’s brand image and narrative were outdated. The project involved bringing their new business strategy to life with a fresh brand positioning, brand story, and company name. Included insights presentation, brand naming workshop, brand architecture and brand positioning recommendations as well as stakeholder interviews.

Beyond what we could have imagined. We were impressed with both the thoroughness of your response and also the depth of understanding of our situation and the associated challenge you have gained. I am very confident now that we will get a highly valuable outcome from this process. 

— Ben Holgate, Executive Manager Strategic Fundraising, MS Ltd.



The agency pitched for MSL’s rebranding work and won it. The assignment was to begin during a time when the head of strategy and senior strategist were unable to undertake the project. Recruited as lead strategist for the project with an overarching objective to craft a new strategy and narrative that helps MSL bring their new brand strategy to life.


The current brand position and narrative were outdated and the assignment was to ‘fix’/refresh some of the clear issues with their brand architecture and brand identity. The project encompassed brand strategy, naming (replacing the ‘Limited’) and included stakeholder interviews, presentations including insights, a naming workshop, a brand strategy platform and naming recommendations with taglines.


Client MSL agreed team had captured their business and brand objectives and selected our brand positioning, as well as a new name (MS Plus) for their organisation to take through to the design stage within a tight deadline.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your hard work and intellectual thinking and analysis. The outcome is feeling really strong and we are set up in a good position. It’s come together really well, thanks for all your hard work and in-depth thinking. Clients are stoked.

— Viv gibson-thomas, head of strategy, the contenders

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