What’s a turkey-slap?

Australian Big Brother has several controversies during its 7 year history:

  1. May 2007: Australian Big Brother housemate not told about father’s recent death to maintain isolation of housemates from outside world
  2. Australian Communications and Media Authority reviewed reality TV programs after Big Brother female contestant was “turkey slapped.”
  3. Producers were accused of manipulating a housemate who had suffered a late-term miscarriage by making housemates look after a doll. (Source: Big Brother housemate not told of her father’s death, Larissa Dubecki, 25 May 2007, The Age)
  4. Australia BB 2006 has a “turkey slapping” incident
  5. Australian PM John Howard said show should be cancelled after the “turkey slapping” incident.
  6. Australia BB Uncut 2005: Female housemates are shown using a hose to masturbate.
  7. Australia BB 2004: Housemate Merlin Luck tapes his mouth upon eviction to protest treatment of refugees. (Source: NEWS Scandals power BB to top Michelle Read, 22 January 2007, MX (Australia))
  8. Australian PM John Howard: “Big Brother is an atrocious program.” (Source: Howard blast for Brother, 28 April 2007, Herald-Sun)
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