Tube v. Subway: I report, you decide…

Ok so there’s always been the argument about London v. New York and who has it better or worse but I have to scandalously say the the Tube is better run than the Subway. Also, but I think we knew this, black cabs are way better than the yellow ones.

There are pros and cons for both but I am just drafting a little a mini list which I’ll add to as incidents occur.


  1. no aircon
  2. expensive
  3. not 24 hours
  4. crowded
  5. delayed at the drop of a leaf


  1. Better signage
  2. better communication
  3. complaints procedure with refund
  4. great map
  5. polite staff
  6. hanging straps


  1. 24 hours
  2. aircon
  3. in new york
  4. slightly less crowded

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