Ricky Martin is outside

Puerto Rican parade has started in NYC, heading along 5th Ave. Had to fight through a crowd to get to work (on a Sunday – lunch options are limited too) and Ricky Martin has strange facial sculpture.

Have just been given the update – latest news is 6 people shot dead in Wisconsin (including 2 yr old child) so we’ll be looking for neighbour’s names, numbers and people for the crew to interview. One neighbour’s reaction so far is enlightening…

One of the spectators was next-door neighbor Jesus Valadez, 27, who said he was outside in spite of police telling him to stay indoors and keep his doors locked. “It’s kind of scary,” Valadez said. “Exciting, don’t get me wrong. Better than watching TV.” (Associated Press. APTV 06-10-07)

In other news; Paris is back in jail and has thanked Sheriff Baca for his concern but is determined to see out the remainder of her sentence. Admirable.

They’re still discussing the Will Ferrell Landlord video (little kid pretending to be foul-mouthed landlord) and think it will be detrimental to the child’s mental health…hmm, I guess we won’t know for a few years.

This week is set to be an exciting one. Bush is in Bulgaria and space shuttle Atlantis is having issues with its thermal blanket. Sounds scary: “The peeling back of the blanket left a gap about 4 inches by 6 inches. (foxnews.com)”. That can’t be good.