Recruiters Don’t Want to Hire Returned Expats

Part two of Indeed’s Expat Survey came out in December 2019 with even more killer facts about the local job market. Is it tall poppy resentment, lack of understanding or a type of unconscious bias? Savvy hiring managers need to let their recruiters know that they are open to candidates with overseas experience.

Indeed: a third (34%) of repatriates aren’t even landing an interview for a potential position where their skills precisely match the job requirements.

Think about it logically – would we have been been successful internationally if we were not able to adapt to business environments and cultures? Imagine how someone with a global perspective could add value to your all-Australian workforce. Your business may benefit from an “outsider” point of view, it could even give you an edge over the competition. If your recruiters don’t see that, maybe it’s time to shop around.

Indeed: constant rejection and feelings of being undervalued by recruiters for the skills and experience they have to offer leads 67% of returned expats to pack their bags and head back overseas.

See Indeed’s editorial covering results of the survey: part one, two and the full report.