In my files

Unpacking boxes from primary, high school, university, London, New York and LA is an #ADHD nightmare. Particularly when I come across old diaries, letters and some top tips I’ve given to my teams and students through the ages. Cringe. Some have stood the test of time though.

Read widely, don’t guess and never assume

When in doubt, don’t use it.

Getting it right is better than a nice presentation

Never say “I can’t find anything”, it means you’re not thinking around the topic. There’s always a way to add value.

There’s a recommended way and a preferred way. I recommend you get the hang of my recommended way until you develop your own preferred way.

Don’t care about templates and formatting, it could be written on a post-it or the back of an envelope – as long as the information is on brief, on time and answers the question.

Requests are flexible, crop at the corners not the edges and maintain perspective.

If you request my guidance, try to listen to it. There’s a lot of room for your own interpretation but don’t ignore my advice. I might be busy but my memory isn’t. I’m an elephant with a backup drive.