How many networking sites does a person need?

I am so confused about where to upload tales and trivia these days so I am creating another one. Which at the moment seems very, very trivial as there is a fight outside my door involving two very loud ex-cons, a barking chihuahua and a little boy asking where his daddy is. Moving on…

Old photos are still on


First stories of our US road trip and pictures are on:

Current tales of hilarity and pictures of small appliances are on:

and that’s way more news about me than anyone really needs however…I am going to upload my travel diaries written by failing torchlight (and under the influence of very cheap vodka). I would like somewhere to preserve my sense of shock and awe at this beautiful and diverse country. From toothless ladies to handcuffed aliens, with sprinklings of Amish and disgruntled marines oh, and a wheelchair ramp and a pecan nut farmer. Working title is “Mr Wilson Magical Chair” or something like that.