Dangerous new addiction

The bagel walk or an excuse to stuff oneself ie.myself.

There has never been a queue anytime I have been there. Wish there was something to dissuade me. Bagels are 60cents each and you don’t need any filling – they even have a chocolate chip or french toast version for the dessert part of your day. Tonight I persuaded myself that if I got off the subway five stops earlier (…ish, Nassau Ave) in order to walk there and walk home, I would expend sufficient calories to enjoy it.

Then proceeded to get completely lost in South Williamsburg. Tried to keep my head down in front of the Hasidic Jewish community as I thought they may remember me from the accidental vomiting in a bin episode. Got away with it and did get to witness a bit of a preview of the Manhattanenge phenomenon. Amazing views of Manhattan in the early evening sunlight and occasional snippets of bridge. The sun streams through the building gaps (otherwise known as streets?!). I will try to capture in a more visual manner with 2 megapixel camera phone once fully charged.