Location, location, location

Using the photography of Emma Bowman, these blog posts for Bowman and Company are looking great. I conduct interviews with owner Robert Bowman to identify a content strategy, topics for the blog and develop his tone of voice. He sends me articles from the paper that catch his eye, and I draft some ideas in response, write it up, include statistics for context, select images and format the piece for publishing once it’s approved. I also propose a series of topics based on the latest news about the property market and draft new posts. Requires research into the property market and learning to master a custom WordPress site. It’s fun, and I’ve learnt a lot of useful facts about cranes and building codes.

Do you need to renovate before listing your property for sale? https://www.bowmanandcompany.com.au/2019/10/do-you-need-to-renovate-before-listing-your-property-for-sale/

How do you make sure your brand new property is well-built? https://www.bowmanandcompany.com.au/2019/09/can-you-make-sure-your-brand-new-property-is-built-well/

Population trends impacting the local property market. An introduction to the Mornington Peninsula. https://www.bowmanandcompany.com.au/2019/09/population-trends-impacting-the-local-property-market/