Creative thinking for strategic minds

While I’ve been on tour, waiting for my dream job to sweep me off my feet, I set up CONTXTURE Consulting for my freelance work. It’s kept me busy during this chapter of my career. I’m still working on the table of contents and exploring genres. I’m not convinced the book analogy works either but you can read all about it here. I’ve been fortunate to work on some fantastic assignments and collaborate with a range of cross-discipline specialists in my travels.

contexture – noun con·​tex·​ture | \ kən-ˈteks-chər , ˈkän-ˌteks-, kän-ˈteks-\
1 : the act, process, or manner of weaving parts into a whole
also a structure so formed
// a contexture of lies
//  the whole contexture of Las Vegas is focused on escapism

What do I do?

Collaborate with agency teams and their clients, providing project-specific information and strategic support. Write creative briefs, pitch decks and provide killer facts or ‘cultural tensions’ for brand workshops. As a content strategist, I produce corporate blogs, websites, social media campaigns and presentations. I’m also a copywriter and work on personal branding for senior executives, bios, newsletters, articles and thought leadership material for industry gurus.

Creative and strategic support services

Madonna thinks. Creatively, wisely, differently.

Sir Dominick Lynch-Robinson

Idea generation, brainstorming, workshops

Case studies, articles, opinion pieces and presentations

Design concepts, copywriting and content strategies for social media

Start-smart research, actionable insights and a safe pair of hands at pitch time

Content writing about brands, business, culture and consumers

Insightful information for client workshops

Strategic intelligence, brand planning and inspiration for creatives



Wrote a whitepaper on the effectiveness of place branding

Ghostwriting an entrepreneur’s blog

Creative brief and strategy deck for B2B pitch – we won

Translated label copy into French for a hot sauce maker

Copywriting and editorial content for a social justice non-profit

Social media strategy for a boutique real estate agency

Deep dive into the cannabis industry for new business RFP

Assessed viability of brand purpose strategy for a bank

Her work and thinking helped us put together a really successful client session

Ashley Connors, group strategy director, StrawberryFrog

Guides for CEO on internal communication and process improvement

Rebranding of inner city shopping mall


What does it look like?

A lot of my work happens behind the scenes —my focus is on helping you look good.