Killer facts in context

Research any topical, communications or consumer-related subject.

A comprehensive search of premium and public sources.

Robust evidence and statistics to beef up briefs & news reporting.

Fact-checking, people finding, perfecting the details of any story.


PUSH Collective

Brand consultancy: Research & insight development, market intelligence, consumer trend research, best practice literature reviews to inform brand strategy workshops, new business pitches, keynote presentations, and thought leadership across banking, energy, financial services.

Pitches & Presentations

LIfe’s a pitch. Agencies invest time, effort and money creating jaw-dropping work in order to impress a potential client. Coming up with new information and killer facts that nail it is one of my favourite things to do. Johnnie Walker sales increase in context infographic is a great example (thanks to the designer)

The New York Times

As a news researcher at The New York Times, I worked on breaking news (including the Spitzer sex scandal) and a story about a questionable Judo instructor.

Place Brand Agency

By demonstrating success with proof points that have an impact, we aim to guarantee future budgets from politicians, finance departments, board or investors. Ultimately, we need information that proves the…